Monday, May 25, 2009

Not Me Monday

I'm not really a fan of Not Me Mondays but I'm gonna give it a try...

Here are a list of things I did NOT do this week ;) ........

I did not stay up till 3 am baking challah (bread) thursday night....

I did not get a grande nonfat one splenda latte (in case anyone ever wants to buy me coffee) friday morning cuz I was too tired to do ANYTHING!

I did not wish I was getting my hair blown while at my son's special day at school (shabbos Abba).

I did not get a nasty email from my husband friday morning after he read my blog.

I did not confront my husband about the email 5 minutes before we walked into his mother's house (where we were sleeping for the weekend).

I did not let my baby eat licorice and lollipops for lunch at our friend's bat mitzvah on saturday.

I definitely did not let her play outside all afternoon and instead of giving her a bath before bed, wipe her down with some wipes...

it was late... she fell asleep in the car. I know.. still gross.

I did not spend the day with my kids while my husband went to a blackhawks game with his friend Bob (my biggest fan).

I did not freak out on Will when he waited till the last second to go to the bathroom and peed all over the floor.

I definitely did not tell him that if he does it again he's going to his room 1 minute for every paper towel I use. What? he does this a lot. I'm sick of it.

I did not see my friend's kid under the candy table eating all the candy off the floor at another friend's dessert celebration (?) for her new baby.

The kid did not reach his hand out from under the tablecloth, tap my daughter's foot, and ask her to pass him a mike and ike......hahahaha

I did not, again, let my kids have too much candy (at least they had lunch this time.........well most of them).

I did not take all my kids to home depot, let them pick out their own flowers to plant, and then only plant my own.

I did not take 120 pictures with my kids using photobooth on my new mac till 9:45 last night.

I did not fall asleep at my computer desk while trying to type this blog.....

I guess that means it's time to be done...

What things did you not do this week?


  1. I did not take Avigail to get her ears pierced and then chicken out. I also did not walk to WRP on Shabbos in a pair of heels that I think permanently scarred my feet.

  2. Man, what kind of mother lets her kid sit under the candy table eating all the crap from the floor? Definately NOT me!!!!