Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

Besides forgetting to cook dinner for a friend of mine :(
yesterday was a pretty fun day.

Woke up.
Checked the weather... (cold and rainy as usual)
Had a little breakfast.
Hung out at home (played with my new computer... while the kids watched tv) .
Got some coffee....
Went to Putting Edge.
Played a little glow in the dark mini golf.
Can you believe we were the only ones there??? Awesome....
and kinda white trashy and gross at the same time...

Had fun in the arcade...

*guitar hero

*we so need to get this.

*my high score...38 will's...66

* this pic was taken about 30 seconds before she fell off of it.
see how she's getting distracted by something.....

Went home.
Played Dance Revolution.

Grilled some dinner.
Ate dinner with SIL and BIL (mmm..it was really good. sorry orah)
During dinner, Alyssa grabbed something out of the fridge and ran into the family room with it.

This is how I found her...

*now I can't say that Jon never taught her anything.

*luckily she does not know how to open it.

Got a quick mac tutorial from the BIL (and a quick fix from the SIL).

Kids played Buzz with the SIL and BIL.

Threw kids into bed. (they all showered earlier...I swear!)
Watched Medium.


  1. "now I can't say that Jon never taught her anything."
    haha. cracks me up.

  2. What a day! Must have really worked up an apetite... Good thing you had a smashing supper off the grill. My appetite - STILL ROARING, not satiated. Hmmmmmmmmmm??

  3. I hope Orah gets a meal tonight, I'm so nervous for her...lol!
    Alyssa is hysterical, but I bet u put that beer in her hands, huh?? Either way, very cute!
    How come no pics of u tho?
    - Miss. S.

  4. Just so you know, Miss S., I did not place the beer in her hands. And it actually was annoying me that the label isn't showing. I am like that guy from sleeping with the enemy...I like the labels facing forward. But, nice try.

    P.S. It was SO you who forgot her dinner sunday night.

    Oh... and I am the photographer. And besides I am so not photogenic.