Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Hangover...

I was home with Alyssa and Will last night. Jessica and Emily were at the Bull's game with Jon. I got the little ones in bed at 7:45, cleaned up a little, did some work on my computer, took a long hot shower (with no one around to bother me, it was a pleasssure!), went downstairs to fold some laundry, decided I was too exhausted to do it, and went up to bed at 9:30. Yes, 9:30. If you know me, that is very, very early. My girls don't even go to bed at 9:30. But I was physically and mentally exhausted.....

At around 10:30, I was awakened my a 12 year old girl who was telling me she didn't do her homework yet. She had basketball after school and then went straight to the Bull's game and she needed to do it. I dragged myself out of bed, said good night to Emily, walked Jessica downstairs and told her to go to bed after her homework. Not sure what else happened after that. I kinda remember blow-drying my hair, so it would be easier to iron in the morning, and crawling back into bed.

At 5:45 am, Will was up and wanted to go downstairs. I had a crazy migraine and felt like I was gonna puke my guts out. It was like having a hangover without having the fun the night before. I felt awful. I turned on the tv for Will , checked my email, and laid down on the living room couch. Shortly after, Alyssa woke up... and then the morning began.... Making lunches, giving kids breakfast (I think Jon might have done that), ironing hair, getting dressed, taking big kids to school, taking Alyssa to school, and then the slow drive up to northbrook to have a meeting at work. Why is it that everyone driving on the Edens had to slow to check out an accident, which wasn't even so bad, causing traffic to slow to 25 miles per hour! I hate that.

Anyway, about 10 minutes into the meeting my excedrin migraine finally kicked in, and I felt much better. I even signed another contract today. Yay!

Anyway, I think I am going to enjoy the beautiful weather and take Alyssa to the park. Gotta enjoy it while we can....


  1. ugh, migraines are the worst, one of my triggers is lack of sleep - sounds like it might be one of yours too, must be hard to manage though when you have a an entire fam to take care of! try caffeine to help feel better - it's one of the ingredients in a lot of migraine drugs to stop symptoms :) (glad u r back to blogging, we aren't fbook friends so i missed the updates!)

  2. 1.medicines are amazing!!
    2. we made a weekly menu for lunches- it decreases the stress level/decision making time in the morning - sooo helpful!