Monday, September 13, 2010

Back To School.... Finally

It has been a long summer.

And what I mean by long is loooooooooong!

I have spent countless hours at the pool, the beach, the park, the farm, the movies, and the mall. We went strawberry picking, to the Jelly Belly factory, 2 local carnivals, Legoland (twice), Navy Pier (we saw the tall ships), the Kohl's Museum, Chucky Cheese, and every restaurant in the neighborhood. And let's not forget Starbuck's, because really... who can make it through the day without an iced latte. And we might want to include Dairy Star, our neighborhood soft serve ice cream shop, because apparently kids need that as much as I need my Starbuck's....

I have chauffeured my 12 year old daughter anywhere and everywhere she has wanted to go at all hours of the day and night. I had my daughter's Bat Mitzvah, a nephew's Bar Mitzvah, a brand new baby nephew's bris (circumcision ceremony), plus several other friend's daughter's bat mitzvahs... The girls and I took Alyssa for her very first manicure, and although most of her nails were smudged when we left, it was very cute.

I have spent 24/7 with Alyssa for three and a half months... without a break. Unless you count the Rihana concert!!!!! That was fun! And have spent most of my days doing nothing for myself. I got about 9 workouts in the whole summer (sad face). My days started at 6:30, 7 if I was luck, and I got tortured by my mischievous daughter whenever I least expected it. More on that another time.

But today is the first day since early June that all 4 of my children will be in school. My sanity will hopefully return. I will be more calm, less stressed. I will enjoy the silence of an empty house........ I will be able to workout and run an errand without my kids on top of me, or fighting with each other, or screaming, or arguing over a radio station or television show. Alyssa will not be begging me to turn on a movie in the car. I will not buy a million things at Target that I don't need... like cookies, or cool pens, or a big ball. I will not have to yell at anyone to turn off the tv and get dressed so I can leave my house.

I should be thrilled. I should be jumping up and down. I should be throwing confetti into the air....

But for some reason I'm sad.

I didn't get to take Alyssa back to the farm like she wanted to. And I never took her to the splash park at The Glen. And she wanted to ride the ferris wheel again at Navy Pier...

Having 4 kids is hard. And stressful. And I wish I could do stuff with each of them separately sometimes. There are very few things you can do with a 12, 9, 6, and 2 year old and still keep everyone happy and entertained. I exhausted myself every day trying to make sure they were always doing something fun.

It was hard work.

I am happy to hand them over to their teachers so I can have a little "me" time, but oddly enough I am still kinda sad about it.

Maybe it's because when it was just me and Alyssa in the beginning of the summer, while the others where at camp all day and Jessica was at sleepover camp, it was so easy and fun. She is so active and energetic. And when you give Alyssa 100% of your attention she is the most fun kid in the whole world...

So, if you see a little tear fall down my cheek at Alyssa's school tomorrow...

remind me about the days when I could not give her 100% and then come have a latte with me...


  1. yay! welcome back rayli! it's about time!!!!!
    and stop making the rest of us feel guilty about how excited we are when all our kids are in school (yes, i said "when"....some of us aren't so lucky just yet)
    how's the oven?

  2. WELCOME HOME!!!!! Missed you tons! I know exactly how you feel - when my kids went back Sept 1 all i could think of was YAY - Im FREE - free to grocery shop alone and not have to buy things that i wasnt planning on, free to xcrs, free to breathe - but of course come end of the day - I cant wait to pick them up I miss them so much in the end when they are out all day! anyways they are also happy to be back in a routine and back with their friends etc.. and now we have u back!!!! ES