Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sweet Child O Mine

Will might just be the sweetest boy in the whole entire world. I know you might all think that about your son, but really he is. I sent Will to camp yesterday without looking at his camp calendar for the first time this summer. I vaguely remembered seeing something about him going to a science museum...

Anyway, I got a call from the camp at around 10:30 saying that I didn't remember to send him swim shorts, but that I can drop a pair off at the camp for him to swim later at the undernighter. Of course I had no clue about the undernighter. So there were 2 strikes against me already... all by 10:30 am. My 6 year old did not have his swim shorts for his trip and I didn't get to tell him that he was staying at camp till 6 pm and having dinner there.

I drove to the camp, dropped off a swim bag with all his stuff, wrote his name on a big piece of paper so they wouldn't miss it when they walked into the office, and left the camp feeling a little better.

I spent the day at the pool with Alyssa, Jessica, and Jessica's friend. At 6 oclock I went to get Will. I walked to where his group was standing and saw the most smiley boy in the world. I resisted the urge to kiss him on the cheek so I wouldn't embarrass him, and asked him how his day was. Will said that it was sooo fun and was practically skipping to the car. Suddenly I remembered that we didn't have his swim bag. Upon which Will said, "Mommy, we forgot to bring it." I told him that I was sooo sorry he didn't have it for the trip, but that I did bring it to camp so he could swim at the undernighter. He said that the counselors didnt have it "but don't worry, it's ok, I still had fun." I went back to ask the counselors where his swim bag was. They had no clue what I was talking about. I saw the director and asked her. She talked to them yada yada yada.... and then went in the building. I guess what happened was that she put it on their group shelf, somehow it fell, and no one ever saw it. So after a day of being outside, in the heat, without swim shorts- which means no sprinkler or pool at a science garden, he didn't even get to swim back at camp.

I felt terrible. All the counselors and staff felt terrible. They all came over to apologize. And my sweet little Will, still smiling, said "it's ok. I still had fun!" We got the swim bag back and walked to the car. Will told me all about the cool things there were to climb on at the field trip, and that there were other kids whose moms didn't send swim shorts (thank god). He told me that during swimming at camp, he and 3 other boys found stuff to throw in the pool, and that it was really fun. He also told me that after they ate hot dogs for dinner they had this really yummy circle cake thing that was covered in chocolate and he really liked that.

What a sweet, happy, easy child. I had to hug him and kiss him when we got home, obviously. Later I gave him a bath. He was exhausted and his legs hurt so he relaxed in the bath, that is till Alyssa got naked and joined him. Then it was a little crazy.....

After he got into pajamas, he asked me if he could blow dry his hair. Jon was like, "you wanna what?" I was so excited! I love when Will cares about how he looks! He blow dried his hair in the bathroom and it looked great.

When I laid with him in bed I told him that it was really cool of him to want to blow dry his hair. He said, "well you do it too."

But of course, we all know that it is much cooler for a 6 year old boy to want to, than for me to want to. And, I gotta tell you, his hair did look much better.....


  1. I have to say..i ALSO love when cobi cares abt how he when he gets dressed in the morning and comes to ask me if he "matches". but aside from that..that boy NEEDS a brother!!! too many girls!!!!
    love you rayli!!