Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Week In A Nutshell...

I have been trying to keep Alyssa busy with Camp Mommy this summer. I decided that maybe I should have a little fun too, and the other kids (when they are around...).

Sunday, Jon and the kids washed our cars

and then we all went to the 4th of July carnival in highland park. We go every year. We actually call it Max's birthday carnival, because July 4th is my nephew Max's birthday...

Monday we went to the beach with the crabbiest, should have left him at home, husband/daddy in the whole world. It was hot, but fun. We got 2 compliments on our sand castle/canal/ swimming pool for Alyssa (cuz she sat in it....). And even I, who usually does not sit on sand, got down and dirty with the kids. We also rented a family bike, which me and the kids LOVED. Especially Alyssa and Will. There was not even one inch of me that was sand free, and it was obvious from my driving on the way home... C'mon it's hard to just sit there and drive and not try to get it all off of you....

Tuesday everyone was back at work and camp. Alyssa and I spent the day at the pool, where she told a kid's babysitter that her belly pierce was "ew" and learned that her baby doll has a pee hole and can "pee" in the pool (along with all the other kids there). Alyssa got a surprise visit from the no longer grumpy daddy, and I unfortunately got purple lines on my back where I couldn't reach to put on sunscreen. Ouch. But I must admit, Alyssa is totally hilarious to watch in the pool, and my burns are totally worth it.

Wednesday.... another 94 degree day. I could not bear the thought of exposing my shoulders and back to the sun, so I took Alyssa to Make A Messterpiece. She made a bunch of messterpieces and plain old messes! She of course was a total nutcase, running around like a maniac, but guess what? It wasn't at my house, and I did not care. It actually was kind of fun, and I couldn't help myself... I made a messterpiece of my own! I also learned that Alyssa loves rain boots and desperately wants a pair. (They have rain boots there for one of their exhibits that involves goggles, rainboots, a raincoat, drums and paints... I was not mentally prepared for that one. Maybe next time...)

Today is going to be Wagner Farm. Alyssa loves animals and would like to see some "moo's"... I'm a little nervous, and am actually thinking of getting a pair of rainboots to wear on the farm. I don't want our feet to get gross and stinky. Who knows what we are gonna step in????

Tomorrow we will go back to the pool.....

What have you all been up to?


  1. I would love to take a day off from work to spend a day with Alyssa at your camp. It sounds like so much fun.

  2. you made me tired just reading this.

  3. I can't imagine sunburn bad enough to be PURPLE. Oh, no.

    The sandcastle building sounds like fun, though. Where is the messterpiece place? that sounds like fun!