Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Call Me Julia....

When I was around 15, I LOVED Julia Roberts!!! I thought she was gorgeous. It was the nineties. Cool was different then. I loved her hair, her face, her fidgety-ness. I saw the movie Pretty Woman about a million times. Loved Sleeping With The Enemy.

Well about 2 weeks ago I got my hair cut. It was the normal hair cut I always get. By the same hair person, Jackie. But, she cut my layers a drop shorter than normal.

And with the humidity we've had these past few weeks, I've been feeling a little frizzy and crazy curly. Unless it is blown straight, which I never have time to do anymore... It is a crazy, frizzy curly mess.

Funny, it kind of reminds me of Julia Robert's hair in the movie Pretty Woman.


Except it's not the 90s anymore. And that kind of hair is totally gross. Not sure why I ever liked it on her.

*Will post a picture of me soon so you can feel my pain.


  1. Uh - I got that type of hair and I say its totally back in. (of course mine is always covered, so who would know...)

  2. the writer of this blog could not be ugly - never ever

  3. So when I complimented your hair yesterday you were really hating it?! Maybe I'm still living in the 90's.....