Friday, March 12, 2010

Relaxing Morning? I Think Not.

Got the older kids to school early this morning.

Decided to stop off at Starbucks and grab a latte and have a relaxing morning, letting Alyssa play in the baby gym before school started...

Ordered my grande nonfat one splenda latte. (and an iced water for Alyssa... starbucks cups make everything taste better.)

Knowing I never have cash, I took out my wallet to get my credit card to pay the $3.83.

Unfortunately for me, my credit card was not in my wallet.

More unfortunate... I had no clue where it was.

With Alyssa in my arms, I started going through my purse taking out pennies and dimes in front of a long line of customers... totally humiliated.

So glad that is over.

I still can't find my credit card though. I do not know where it can be.

I do know that Jon is gonna be totally annoyed with me if I can't find it.

At least I know something :(


  1. I misplace my credit card all the time! Usually after pumping gas and forget that I put it in my pocket instead of putting it back into my wallet!

    I have to go searching through all my pants pockets and hoodies...

    And I always worry what the husband will say!

  2. Hun once lost it and we had to cancel and wait for a new one and then a few days later, found it in the dryer bc he had put it in a shirt pocket...

  3. I can not tell you how many times I have done that. It's frustrating! I am beginning to think that I have Alzheimer's.

  4. Twice people have called me saying the found my credit card on the street!!!!! My husband also gets really annoyed when I lose it - what they dont understand is that we lose it more often because we use it more often and I am not talking about shopping for clothes. I mean groceries, paper goods, household items, birthday presents, school supplies - all the things you need to run a household we are the ones constantly running around taking care of and therefore the chances to lose it are much greater! anyways not to get off on a tangent - i do also recommend checking pockets of things you have worn recently.... that happens to me alot... LOTS OF LUCK.. keep us posted!!! ES