Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Little Clingy... actually a lot

Alyssa has been very attached to me lately. She wants me to do everything for her. She wants me to be near her all day. Lately, she won't let Jon come in the same room as her. Oh, and he's not allowed to talk to her either.

It's kinda getting out of control.
Last night Jon walked into the kitchen and she started crying and ran to me. And she won't let him give her a bath or put her to bed... When she wakes up in the morning, she crawls into bed with me. She says, "Way Uh Mommy" (wake-up... if you didn't get that). She will stay there next to me asking me to take her downstairs, to turn on Scooby Doo. She used to let Jon take her downstairs if he was up. But now she would rather stay in bed with me and wait till I am ready to get up and take her downstairs, than go with Jon.

It's really hard on all the kids too. She doesn't want to share me. If someone else asks me to do something, she runs over and tries to make me do something with her. If Will wants a hug, she jumps in my arms, pushes him away, and says, "My Mommy!" She is totally distracting, and makes it difficult for me to spend any quality time with my other children. The kids are feeling it too. They tell Alyssa, "She's our Mommy too." And I try to make a screaming Alyssa watch me hug them also. She is just totally nuts.

It's hard for Will especially. He wants me to do stuff for him also. He wants me to put him to bed, and lay with him, and talk with him.... He wants me to read him books without Alyssa all over me, whining and trying to take the book away from him. Last night he "read" me the book Little Pea. He actually knows the whole book by heart and can "read" it and is very proud of himself. Truthfully I was pretty impressed. Alyssa climbed up the top bunk with me to Will's bed, and was mostly quiet and not too grabby while he read it. I was sitting by the ladder when I said to Jon. "Maybe I should go out one night and give you some alone time with Alyssa so she can start liking you again. Or better, since she loves your car, maybe you should go out with her for ice cream or something. We could all use a little break from this craziness. Oooh, better yet, maybe I should take another trip to Miami!" I looked at Will and said, "Just joking, I'm not going anywhere. Would you be sad if I left?" He said yes. I said jokingly, "Maybe Alyssa should go to Florida. Would you be sad if she went to florida?" And he said no. I said, "How about Daddy? Jessica? Emily?" Each time he said yes. I looked at Jon with a sad face and said to Will, "You wouldn't be sad if Alyssa went to florida?" He said no. I looked back at Jon and then we started talking about something else, when Will interrupted and said, "Okay, so who can take Alyssa to florida? A babysitter? I mean she could be ok with a babysitter probably."


  1. When Ab was 5 and E was 2, hubs and I took a weekend trip. When we got back, E was exactly the same way that you describe Alyssa. It took quite awhile to wean him from me. We finally made up a song about how "mommy always comes back!"

  2. Personally - I dont think it has to do with your recent trip. I think it is her age. It's the stage of "autonomy" and she is not being clingy, she is "monopolizing" you. You are not going to like to hear this, but I think you feed into it Rayli. The more she tries to monopolize you, the more you will feel bad not giving into her and that will create a monster, so you have to establish some ground rules right away, even if it upsets her. Like "I am going to do something with Will now, if you need something, Daddy is here for you..." and if she cries about it, u gotta let her.