Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm Still Here

Sorry I havn't blogged in a while. I have been really busy trying to get Jessica's Bat Mitzvah planned. I started making her centerpieces (which are coming out awesome by the way) and I am just about done with her montage. Just need a few more pictures.... I am having so much fun doing it... so glad I decided not to pay someone else to do it. I love my mac.

Anyway, I am dying to show all this stuff to you, but I can't. Not till after June 20th (our new bat mitzvah date).

In other news Pesach is coming (Passover... jewish holiday). Vegas, baby. That's where we're going. The Lowe's Hotel in Lake Las Vegas. My parents are taking us and and my youngest sis. Thank god... I sooo need a vacay. Ten days of no cooking or cleaning..... just hanging by the pool and maybe a little gambling. Never been to Vegas... Gotta do a little shopping for our trip... :)

So, did any of you watch the Oscar's last night? I'm sure you ALL said yes. Who doesn't watch the Oscar's? K. Can't chat about it now, got a sick kid at home.

More tomorrow.... hopefully.


  1. Hey girl! So exciting to be planning a bat mitzvah. You are entirely too young to have a daughter that is about to be bat mitvahed!! Anyway, you won't believe this, but, hubs and I are taking a vacay to Vegas and I think that we may be there at the same time as you. Want to meet for a drink?!? :)Email me.

  2. MISSED YOU!!!! good luck planning!!! Im sure it will be beautiful! ES