Tuesday, February 23, 2010

While The Husbands Away.......

The wife will have absolutely no time to herself. No time to blog. No time to facebook. No time to breathe without a kid on top of her.

She will have to take out the garbage when it smells up the kitchen, take the garbage cans back to the house cuz Josh didn't do it, and shovel the slurpee-like snow off the walkway...

All this while she still does her normal laundry, cooking, dish washing, kid- bathing, helping with homework, take the 5 year old to hockey.... not an easy task. I've never dressed a kid for hockey before... I was sweating when I was done!

Spending her only free time on Monday at the FORD dealership to get a windshield wiper fixed (it flew off while I was driving), and an oil change (2000 miles overdue.... who knew?), and tires filled with air (that is due to my awesome parking jobs of rubbing tires against the curb and wearing out the rubber. They suggested I buy all new tires.. actually only 3 cuz I already had one new one from the giant hole I got in one a few months ago).

Oh and let's not forget sunday when we went to the school carnival and 2 basketball games all while having a migraine that made my eyes tear. The 2 hours I was home, my poor kids were on their own while I was sick in bed and almost threw up. It was a fun day... especially when Alyssa kept laying on the basketball court and my favorite ref was getting mad and a certain friend tried to throw a basketball to Will, but it bounced off his kid's toe and rolled right into the game to the ref's feet!!!! And he got pissed and threw it back at me (cuz he assumed it was my ball) while he was simultaneously being yelled at by one of the coaches (Benzie) for not calling something.

I actually apologized to the ref and told him the ball wasn't mine, and this is what my formerly favorite ref, the one who used to compliment Emily on her games and give Will a ball to play with during halftime, said to me without looking up from his phone...

"Like it even matters that the ball wasn't yours. If your daughter lays on the court and someone steps on her head and hurts her and she dies, that will be your fault."

Thanks asshole.

I didn't say that. I was actually nice to him. I had apologized nicely, let him take his anger out on me, stood there for a minute to let him feel like an asshole and then walked away.

Anyway, I'm taking the kids and their friend out of school a couple hours early today to go costume shopping for Purim and then out for dinner. Hoping for an easy night.

The husband comes back tomorrow afternoon.

I think I need a vacation from his vacation....


  1. u should tell him he does not get a vacation unless one day of his vacation he runs 13.1 miles. Just saying... Feel good.

  2. youre taking your kids out of school early when your husband is on vacation? you are wonderwoman.

  3. I hate when hubs is gone. It makes for a ridiculously long and tiring day. You soooooo deserve a spa day!