Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Costume Store

Taking 5 kids to a big costume store is not the best idea in the world.

Especially when one of those kids is Alyssa. And she wants to try on every boy costume she can find.

Emily chose her costume in about 3 seconds. She tried on the supergirl costume, it fit, she was done. Jessica and her friend were not sure what they wanted to be... they kept looking and looking, trying things on and taking them off. 11 and 12 is a hard age. It's kinda like you are too small for the adult costumes and too big for the kid costumes. And the tween costumes are way too sexy. What's a girl to do?

I gave Alyssa, who had grabbed a batman costume, a rainbow brite costume. It was so cute. She went to the dressing room, threw all of Jessica's stuff out of it, and closed the curtain. She did NOT like the rainbow brite costume!

Will was trying on spiderman. He looked really cute in it until Alyssa started grabbing it off his body cuz she wanted it. I took it off Will and put it on Alyssa. She was soooo happy. I told Will he could have the spiderman costume, took it off Alyssa, who started screaming her head off, and went to look for more costumes for the older girls.

I found an even better spiderman, one with "muscles," and told Will to try it on. Alyssa ran over, pushed Will down, and told me to put it on her. I gave Will the first costume and put the puffy spiderman on Alyssa. She walked around the store in it. The guys who worked there were like, "Aw look how cute she is."

I told them it wasn't so cute that my daughter was a boy. This was killing me. She is supposed to want something pink. A princess dress, a ladybug, a ballerina.... anything! I know that she only wants the boy stuff because she loves Will. She wants to do everything he does. But I mean, come on... I wanted a girl so badly, and I have a girl-boy...

Well, that's not completely true. She does like jewelry.. especially necklaces. And she does like to dress up sometimes. But my other girls were all into pink when they were little, we only had girl stuff in the house, and I kinda expected the same from Alyssa.... sob.

Anyway, I told Will that he couldn't be spiderman cuz Alyssa would try to take it from him so he decided to be Mario. Of course as soon as Alyssa saw the Mario costume, she took the Luigi one. I put both of them in their costumes and decided that having them pair up as Super Mario Brothers was a fitting costume, and told them they could have it.

Jessica and her friend still hadn't chosen a costume. Well, not one that fit them at least. They decided to buy these beautiful masquerade masks, which I was happy to buy because it had already been 2 hours and I was ready to go home.

Oh I almost forgot... While they were choosing their masks, Will had to go to the bathroom. The bathroom was in the wig room. I closed the door behind him and decided to play with the wigs. I put on a hot pink bob with long bangs and walked over to the bathroom door giggling. In a voice not my own I said (while opening the bathroom door) "Little boy, is there something I can help you with?"

I have never seen the look of absolute terror like I saw at that moment on Will's face. And the scream! Hahahahhahahahaha. I am evil. But that was the funniest thing I ever saw! I am still laughing......

Anyway, I went to pay and realized that this was actually gonna cost a lot. Plus I had no clue how much Emily's costume even was. She rang me up, and I asked her if I could get a discount for buying 5 costumes. She said that they normally don't but she would ask the manager. He told her to take 20% off of the total! Yay me! I never get things on sale. Anyway, We walked out of the store... I was all excited about saving the 20% until I saw the orange ticket on my windshield.

$50 parking ticket. My meter had expired. Suddenly I was not so happy anymore. But so it goes. At least my kids had their costumes and I was finally able to leave that store.

**For those of you that are wondering why I am buying costumes in february... it is for a Jewish holiday called Purim. Each year the kids dress up, we go to synagogue, and the following morning deliver a basket of food to our friends. It used to be a few snacks on a plate when I was little, but over the years people have gotten creative and have their families dressed in themes to match their package of food they were delivering... This is one of my favorite holidays because we get to show off our creativity... and it's so much for for the kids!

I'll post pics next time...


  1. I just peed my pants. You opening the bathroom door on Will like that - save your money for therapy. Allyssa is too cute, let her be boyish. I grew up w/ my bros and now I think I am a perfect balance of girly and one of the guys.
    And the meter thing - too bad your Bobby was not with you...

  2. You go girl!!!! asking for a discount - shopping with your Bobby really taught you something!!!!
    Re alyssa and the boy thing...its much better than if it were the opposite and Will was asking for pink fairy coustumes, makeup and playing with barbies all the time. Its all about perspective!
    I am still dying to know what creative mishloach manot "food basket" you are doing for purim - cant wait to see pictures!! ES