Monday, November 2, 2009

My Baby's Birthday

Alyssa had a birthday yesterday.... She is 2 years old!

All of her aunts and uncles and grandparents and cousins came over for brunch to celebrate. (well, most... we missed you Elayna!)

This is what her cake looked like:

This is how the big kids celebrated...

And the little kids....

Happy Happy Birthday to my sweet little princess, Alyssa!

I love you!


  1. do you have any leftover cake???

  2. Uh, that looks good - but I ate my weight in pastries last night at a Dinner. However, I ran 5 miles earlier in the day. Did I balance it out or come out on top? Happy Birthday cutie!

  3. I have about 2 slices left actually. I was gonna throw it out because I am the biggest food waster in the whole entire world. And cuz, I don't want to eat it considering I decided that I decided to eat 6 entenmanns popems (the iced munchkin ones...) for dinner last night. Thanks for buying them, Jon. So happy to have them in the house while trying to lose weight. I guess that's what happens when you send your husband to the grocery store.

  4. I'll take a piece!
    That cake was super cute!

  5. looks like it was awesome!
    You're such a great baker :)

  6. Looks like a great time! Did you do the cake? Looks adorable & Yummy!!

  7. Happy Birthday!!! Looks like you had a great time and the cake ....WOW! I am impressed, it seems working with fondant is going well for you. I should try it one of theses days. Gadis birthday is this shabbat(sabbath) (he will be 3) so I decided to make a kiddush(reception) for him after shul(temple)- which here ends at 10am and of course the few friends I have invited over has already turned into 50 and counting.... anyways maybe I will try to make a cake like yours - any suggestions? actually maybe I will just do Uncle Duncan!!! Anyways Happy Happy to Alyssa!! btw - love the new blog design - my favorite so far!!! ES

  8. I was very impressed that Alyssa blew out the candles by herself. She's so advanced! It was a great party. Thanks for throwing it and sorry if our present is a loud one.