Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm Back.....

So I have been too busy to blog. Too busy to read any blogs. Last week my calf was in so much pain. It was exhausting running around doing all my every day things while pretending it didn't. I just felt really fatigued and like I couldn't get anything accomplished. I hope you didn't miss me too much. :)

Anyway, I ran 7 miles yesterday. I made sure to stretch A LOT before and after and I feel soooo much better this time. Sunday was my neighborhood's annual turkey trot... a 5K or 10K run. I didn't sign up, but did my regular run and actually ran alongside them for a mile. I must say that it is incredibly motivating to run with a group of people. Watching the people you pass and trying to gain on those ahead of you..... That mile was the easiest I ever ran. I got to my 2.5 mark and was so excited because I ran it 27 seconds faster than last week! I think that I am now running at least a 6.0 outside because when I tried to do my usual run on the treadmill (5.3) it was just way too slow. Anyway the 7 miles took me 72 minutes. I had told Jon and the kids I was only going to do a short run cause of the leg pain, but it felt so good to run that I did the whole 7. When I got back Emily, my sweet and innocent one said: "Mommy, you were gone for so long I thought you ran to Wisconsin!" Hahahaha, she's so cute.

I finally got my new tire put on today. I had been driving on my spare for almost 3 months. But then again my spares are huge, just like my normal tires. Anyway, while they were putting it on I walked a couple blocks to Toys R Us and got some holiday shopping done. I apparently forgot about the fact that my car wasn't in the parking lot, and let me just tell you that 5 bags of playdough sets, blocks, hot wheels stuff, and giant coloring books are pretty darn heavy. And those 2 blocks felt like 2 miles. My arms were burning and I was quite sweaty when I got back to the dealership. But at least I got most of it done.

Anyway, kids are home early from school today so I'm gonna go hang with them.

Sorry for neglecting you all!!!!!! But I'm back!


  1. RAYLI!!! No wonder you r tired. Suggestion for next time you decide to go to Toys R Us while the car is being repaired. After you make your purchase, ask them if you could leave it for five minutes so you can come back with a CAR.

    Way to go on the 7!