Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Finally Talking!?

When I took Alyssa to her 2 year checkup a few weeks ago, the doctor asked me if she was talking yet. I responded, "You know my kids, they take their time..." He asked me if she had at least 20 words. I told him that I was not sure, but probably around 10-15. Well in the past few weeks her language has definitely increased. She is talking so much more (for my kids) and is definitely communicating with us and expressing herself a little (although some of it is Alyssa talk, and not understandable).

Anyway, Alyssa's teachers love her. They tell me how cute she is and how she plays with all the kids and has so much fun doing all the activities. So imagine my surprise at conferences when they tell me that Alyssa does not talk at school. Not only does she not say a word, she does not make a sound..... nothing. Not to them and not to the other kids. I had no idea. I was totally shocked. I know that she is shy in front of my extended family and they never hear her talk, but school is the one place I leave her I thought for sure she felt comfortable and spoke there!!!! After the conference, I walked out of the room and they closed the door. Immediately Alyssa started saying "mommy, ball" and pointed to a football on top of the cubbies. I went into the baby gym so she could eat lunch and play a little and told the other moms about Alyssa's apparent muteness at school. They were like, "I've heard Alyssa talk." And they have. She is always babbling... or so I thought. I mean, she must say "Mommy" at least 100 times a day. And lately it's "Mommy, look." One mom said that she read in an article about children that have selective muteness, and maybe she only feels comfortable around her immediate family. Maybe that is so, but I have officially made it my top priority to get her to talk at school.

On another note, I'm not sure if I have blogged about it but Alyssa has been slightly insane about this ugly purple flower jacket that is a million years old (from Jessica). She would not wear any other coat even when it was freezing out. And trust me it is not at all warm. Well, her teacher told me that she is way too cold outside and must wear a winter coat. I told her that she has a pink one but won't wear it. She said to just bring it in. Easier said than done. Alyssa will not come near me when I hold the coat. She screams until I put it back in the closet. I decided that she only likes purple and that is why she only wants that little jacket. So yesterday afternoon I took all the kids to the mall to find a purple jacket for Alyssa. We found one pretty quickly, showed her how she looked in the mirror and she was so happy! I told her that she has a new pretty coat and she said "ooh" and called it "blue." Close enough. At least she liked it.

She happily put on her "blue" coat today and showed it to her teachers.


I guess purple is the new black.


  1. I agree. But for me, brown is the new black :)

  2. I just realized that this blog is going to be a great record for Alyssa to read when she gets older. It's like a really detailed baby book. She's so lucky!

  3. Welcome Back!!!! - I missed you I would check your blog daily 9maybe even more - and everyutime i saw 6 and 13 I would be so disappointed!
    Well glad your back! firstly great job on the running - have you ever tried using a polar watch? it monitors your HR and calories burned if you want when you excercise and depending on the model it can also be a GPS and monitor your distance etc... I highly reccomend it - I feel it helps me pace myself and be in tune while I am excercising - you should look into it.
    next - the toy store... any new exciting toys?? I am always looking for new stuff and nowadays Ifeel like everything is a repeat of before with just a different charachter - ie dora candyland or spongebob chutes and ladders etc... if you think of anything... the boys are 6, 5 and 3. my parents (yes both) are coming around xmas time and they want to know what to bring.
    Lastly - the speech issue... it is also athing with my kids... and I know its been athing with your kids too... im sure you know the earlier you tap into it the better. My 3y/o who did not really talk until???? because he was in speech therapy was placed in a special speech nursery with 10 kids (all with speech issues) 1 teacher, 2 asst, and rotating througha few times a week a ST, OT, Psychologist and college student intern - its almost a 1:1 ratio - its AMAZING!!!
    anyways - take care - glad to have you back - oh and btw i ditto what naomi said - she is so lucky!!!

  4. Hey! El is driving me crazy with her purple shoes and now that she broke her foot ( I know. I know. Craziness!) she has a neon purple cast! I feel your purple pain!