Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sunscreen Or No Sunscreen?

I am not a big fan of sunscreen. I never let my kids go without it, but I am very lenient with myself.
I want to be tan, not pale. I don't want to be that girl that is pasty white talking to all her tan friends. Well, I gave in this past summer and wore 8 spf tanning lotion on my face (sometimes) and my shoulders when I went to the pool. I know, 8? What the hell does that really do for me. But hey, at least I had something on.

But, I am getting older and I am starting to worry about wrinkles. I have started noticing older women and men more often... those that have a lot of wrinkles and those who have amazing perfectly smooth skin. It's kind of a difficult situation. Do I want to look good with tan skin while I'm still young? Or can I deal with the pale complexion and look great when I'm old? And then I think back to all the years of not using any sunblock and I wonder if it's too late for me. And seriously, if I decide on the pale sunscreened face, I will be mad if I am a wrinkled old lady due to all the years passed without sunscreen. Decisions, decisions. I do have this really great bronzer that I use, but sometimes the real thing just looks better.

You are probably wondering where this is all coming from, especially since it's cold and rainy outside. Well, sunday morning I was in the kitchen talking to Will and out of nowhere he said:

"I don't want your face to get all smooshy (he meant wrinkled)."

And I said: "Well you don't have to worry about that for a long time."

Will: "I know. But I won't recognize you when your face turns like that."

Me: "Well, I think you will. If it happens, it will happen slowly. And, I hope that I will see you at least once a week when you are a Daddy. Otherwise I would miss you like crazy. (insert a big hug)"

Will: "I really don't want it to happen. I would miss your face."

And that was it for me.

My decision was made.

Sunscreen it is.


  1. Oh girl! I feel your pain. Growing up in the Fl sun and being a lifeguard has taken its toll on my skin. I already have an age spot on my face! YEEK! So, yes, I now do the sunscreen, but, only in protest . . . of wrinkles, of course. :)

  2. Im jealous - but thats sweet for you