Monday, September 14, 2009

Thank God The Weekend Is Over!!!!!

What awesome weather we had yesterday! Too bad I decided to have my entire family (29, including us) for dinner for my parent's anniversary. I actually was really excited. I do like to cook sometimes. But there were 2 soccer games to go to, and we were away all weekend for a friend's bar mitzvah. Anyway, here was the menu:

franks in blanks (jessica makes these and calls them that)
grilled vegetables
roasted asparagus
roasted potatoes
grilled chicken
grilled london broil

cake and cupcakes
chocolate chip cookies

Anyway I ended up running a little late, getting annoyed when they all went to shul (synagogue) during the meal (hey, at least I'm honest), and had the biggest mess to clean up in the whole entire world!!!!!! Seriously, I'm still cleaning up cuz I was too exhausted to finish last night. HELP! Anyway, as much as I do like to cook and host, I think I am retiring from having family dinners at my house. I will cook and bring elsewhere, but the mess of almost 30 people on a sunday night after a long weekend of chasing Alyssa at a hotel is a little more than I can bear.

Anyway, enough complaining. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Will and Emily had their first soccer games yesterday! AYSO picked the ugliest uniforms EVER for my adorable children to wear. Will's is especially humongous on him (even though it's an extra small) and Emily's is a girl's nightmare (at least it fits though). Emily is crazy aggressive and runs down that field faster than her legs should be able to go. She can run faster than girls much taller than her. She had purple cheeks by the time she was done playing! Will's game was hilarious to watch. They are so little, except for the crazy tall european kid who of course scored all the points! That kid gently pushed a boy from the other team and that other kid came back with this insane ninja attack. I swear! He like flew thru the air and side kicked him.... it was totally hilarious to watch! And I was not the only parent laughing just so you know. I love watching my kids play sports.... even in ugly uniforms!

Anyway, hope you guys had a good weekend and enjoyed the beautiful weather!!!! Gotta get back to cleaning my house :(


  1. cute pictures! my girls love soccer :)

  2. Those are some seriously ugly uniforms. I love watching my boys play soccer. They are so aggressive, and they get in there and kick the ball and score goals. when i was a kid and played soccer, i always hung back 10 feet from the ball because i was afraid i'd get hurt.
    and OH MY i cant believe you had 29 people for dinner. you are one awesome daughter/sister/etc.....

  3. I think Will looks just like your grandmother!