Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kids In School = Happy Mommy

My kids started school today!

In the words of London Tipton...

"Yay Me!"

(from Suite Life of Zach and Cody for all you losers out there who didn't know that)

And I have the best surprise for them when they get home from school.....

The basketball hoop is finally up and Jon and I already took the first 2 shots (and made it)!

(Jon is working from home today... again Yay Me!)

Oh, and speaking of Yay Me... I think Alyssa was pretty happy to have the house to herself this morning... She was running around giggling, and jumping on the couch.... I havn't seen her this happy in a while! Thank God for school!

Oh and just to report, Will did an excellent job at his haircut yesterday!
It's amazing what you can hide in a hat....



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  1. Just the title of this post made me happy. its so QUIET in my house. Although T keeps wandering around going "K. School. D. School."
    Maybe we can play one day? T needs a friend!