Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hope You Don't Mind If I Vent...

So Will finally had his dentist appointment yesterday morning. His giant cavity is finally filled!! Hurray! I no longer have to freak out over what he's eating, or brush his teeth like a crazy person. But I must say that as happy as I am, I am slightly annoyed with the dentist.

Will is very sensitive to texture and has a gag reflex. He can keep it under control if he knows what's going to happen and is given time to deal with it. That is part of the reason we have taken so long to fill it. The dentist wanted to give him that gas (not sure what it's called) to relax him, but all I could think of was this.....

... and although I think this video is totally hilarious. The scream has me laughing out loud every time!!! The thought of it being Will is not as funny.

Anyway, my dentist has this theory that Will can cope better if I am not in sight, so he asked me to wait in the waiting room. I listened by the entrance to the room (out of sight) to make sure he was OK. The assistant must have heard my flip flops cause she came quickly out of the room and told me he was fine and did great with the Novocaine shot and they didn't use the gas. Great!!! I colored some pictures for Will with Alyssa and Jessica and Emily. About 10 minutes later I went back to check and heard Will crying and coughing. I walked into the room in time to hear Will say, "I'm not ready yet." Upon which the dentist continued to work on his teeth. Will gagged, his face turned red, and as I ran to him I saw throw up filling his mouth. I'm not sure why but they didn't move (I think because they didn't want to get it on themselves). I pulled Will to a sitting position and all his puke came pouring out. I said to the dentist, "He said he wasn't ready. You have to give him warning and time to get ready for it!" The dentist almost screamed back at me. I could see it in his eyes (truthfully that's all I could see cause of the mask). He said sternly, "I have been giving him time. We've been stopping and going this whole time." And I said, "Well you know he has a gag reflex and he said he WASN'T ready!" I told Will that I would stay with him and hold his foot and count so that he would know when the next break would be. My poor little baby.... tears streaming down his face, cheeks flushed, I felt awful for him. A few minutes later they were done, and I told Will that he wouldn't have to come back there for a long time. He looked at me with his weepy face and said, "Why do we ever have to come back?" And I told him that they need to make sure our teeth are healthy and clean. Will said, "I am never eating candy ever again! I don't want to come back here." :(

Seriously, I'm with him. I almost decided to leave them because of it, but then swallowed my pride, said thank you, and left.

Anyway, Will had an appointment with his dermatologist 2 floors below the dentist. I felt terrible making him go to another doctor but I had no choice. We waited in the waiting room for 30 minutes. In the actual room, we waited another 15. And I was about to lose it and so were my kids. I told the receptionist that I could not wait any longer and walked out. Will was thrilled!

Alyssa fell asleep in the car so we went home so she could nap. When she woke up I decided that Will needed a fun afternoon, so we went to the sports park and did batting cages, hit 50 balls off the driving range, and played mini golf. I think it actually turned into a good day!

Unfortunately, tomorrow I have to take him to his second most dreaded place...... Image Salon. He needs a haircut. Badly.

Oh, you know how they don't really want your kids climbing on these things?

Well I told Emily she could but I was going to pretend I didn't see her doing it. Then I saw Jessica go on it. Then Will. Then Alyssa was trying so hard to get on, so I sat her on the lowest lego. In about 3 seconds she was at the top doing all sorts of crazy acrobatics. I was like, Alyssa come down sweety. Come to Mommy. And she just laughed and laughed.... she almost did a somersault. She walked back and forth (like that book The Man Who Walked Between The Towers). She was having the time of her life! I finally got her down after a mild hard attack.


  1. The gas is just nitrous oxide mixed with oxygen. It is also known as - laughing gas. It just relaxes them and makes them feel loopie. The boy in that video, had serious drugs (not the laughing gas). He was given IV drugs for relaxation and I believe - his work required him to be completely anesthesised. My kids have had the laughing gas - they are totally awake and just chill - and once it is removed, they r normal. Don't worry bout the gas in the future.

  2. oh - and sorry bout the tough day at the Dentist/Doctors offices. Is this a "pediatric" dentist? (My kids dont go to a pediatric dentist - but I am curious, maybe pediatric Dentists have more patience.)

  3. i have one thing to say to you:
    Dr. Robert Johnson (847) 729-6300
    Most wonderful pediatric dentist in the universe. I sent Shosh and she loves him. Tell him I sent ya :)
    He is divine. The kids cheer when they have appointments.