Monday, August 17, 2009

Timing Is Everything

So, I finally got Emily to go to bed last night after playing 30 minutes of math bingo.... thank you target dollar section. (I even taught her how to do division!)

Anyway, I went downstairs and turned on the tv. It was 10:15 and Mad Men was on. Yay! The season premiere! I was really excited to watch it. My father in law and husband were in the room with me. A few minutes later, Jon walked out and went into a different room, so it was just me and my father in law. We were watching a little and he kept asking questions so I gave him a little background.... "Don has been cheating on his wife and the guy sitting next to him on the plane is married, but seems to be gay..." Anyway, their plane lands and the flight attendant was flirting with Don and they all have dinner and then her and Don go upstairs to his floor and are kinda kissing in the hallway.

Thank God for commercial breaks because as they start kissing I know what's coming next and I don't really wanna watch it with just my father in law in the room. He decides during the commercial that it was late and he was going upstairs to bed.

When the show comes back on, the flight attendant is basically naked and then shockingly they switch over to the gay guy and show him in a sexual encounter with the guy that came to adjust the thermostat in the room. All I can say is thank god my father in law left when he did, cause I probably would have been fine with the first part, but the second.... I might have just died of embarrassment right then and there. (copy and paste if you wanna see what I'm talking about... I didn't want the video to actually be on my blog)


  1. I gotta get into Mad Men, everyone who watches it looooooves it. Plus, the lead guy is some nice eye candy. Sex scenes and in laws def a horrific mix, glad u were spared!
    - Miss S.

  2. That is SO funny because as Joey and I were watching it on Sunday night I was thinking how glad I was that we didn't have my dad in the room watching with us during those scenes! It's still embarassing having a parent in the room for sex scenes... it always will be, I think.