Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Ring, A Bike, and A Smile

Well, so far this month I am loving the nuvaring. I no longer have any headaches and I don't even feel it. Oh crap, maybe it fell out..... just kidding, Jon. Well I did something yesterday that almost guarantees my birth control to fail me... I curbed my high chair.

And the worse part, nobody took it yet... which is really weird. People take all the other junk we leave out before we even make it back inside the house. I think God is talking to me. Whatever. Truthfully, I'm not even sure what week I am on with this stupid ring. All I know is that my friends were over when I put it in.... Hmmm.... better ask them what week that was.

Anyway, Will manned up and decided to ride his bike yesterday!

I bought it for him on sunday, expecting him to tell me how awesome I am, the best Mom ever, how much he loves me for the awesome gift. Instead he was crying that it was too big, he couldn't ride it, and that nobody could touch it. That nobody was Alyssa, who was with me at Toys R Us when I bought it, and actually thought it was hers. I did let her ride around on it. She loves it!

Anyway, all of a sudden yesterday, while Alyssa was napping, Will figured out how to get on himself (it is a little big and he is a little shrimpy) and started riding around the dining room table. Then he wanted to ride it outside which we did (without a helmet cuz the one I bought was too small). He told me that he loves his bike, that it's really awesome, and that I should buy myself one. Close enough.

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  1. whoa. you bought him a fancy bike! he has real brakes!!!