Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Am Definitely A Screamer

During the school year, Emily won a free ticket to Great America. I promised her we'd go and we did.... last night. My sister-in-law watched the younger 2 and we left at around 4:30. (I told Will that I was taking Jessica and Emily somewhere so he could have a special night with Aunt Naomi.... park, ice cream, Wipeout). Anyway, we picked up dinner, picked up Jon from work and off we went... into a whole bunch of traffic.

When we got there, we ate dinner, took a picture with Scooby Doo, and started to walk towards the rides. I hadn't been to Great America in like 8 years. The rides have gotten much crazier and scarier. We started off with a calm one though... hot air balloon ride (kinda like those swings).

Unfortunately my kids were too short for most of the roller coasters, but Jess and Jon went on the Demon, while me and Emily played carnival games and won Will a Ben10 prize.

We went on Yankee Clipper, where I remembered that I hate drops and am totally scared of them, and I'm a big baby and scream on roller coasters. We got a little wet, and the girls loved it!

(Emily had to pee really badly in this picture... can you tell?)

We went on Logger's Run, got even more wet, and the kids loved it even more. Since we were already wet and cold and it was dark out with no hopes of us drying or becoming warm till we got home, we went on raging rapids and got SOAKED! The girls wanted to go on again (there was no line... probably cuz it was dark and cold), so Jon got out and we went again. Even more soaked.... Even more freezing. And yet they wanted to go again. This time I got out and watched them go by themselves. They had the best time!

For our last ride of the night we went on The Dark Knight ride. I figured it couldn't be too bad because there were a lot of 8 year olds in line... But, seriously I'm either the biggest baby or that ride is so not for young kids or scaredy cat mommies. Screaming again, "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH." I wish you could see the pics of me on these rides. Hilarious!

Anyway, we were so cold walking back to the car. I had brought everyone a sweatshirt, a change of clothes for Jon, and a bathing suit cover up for me in case I wanted to wear it in the water park section (which apparently closes at 7:30). Well if you happened to be in
the parking lot of Great America and happened to see a guy in his boxers changing his clothes or a woman in her bra trying to get all her wet clothes off and some kids taking all their clothes off .... and putting on sweatshirts and a change of clothes and possibly a bathing suit cover up.... Thanks for not saying hi.

Listen, it happens. Nobody wants to be cold.


  1. I have all sorts of pictures of you and the fam in my mind right now that are making me crack up. Glad you had fun. I have not been there since I got engaged in 2000.

  2. DK just took the girls there today w/ my FIL. I wimped out. I hope they had as much fun as you guys did, minus spotting the half naked people in the parking lot.
    Nice pic of you and Jon and shout out to your awesome mothering skills in making Emily hold it in while u snap another pic!
    - Miss. S

  3. we just got back from great america like 20 minutes ago. u know how they take those pictures of you on the dark night? in our pic, K was starting straight ahead calmly and i was screaming and grabbing his arm.