Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Girls Night Out

Jessica has a good friend from L.A. in town. She's been here for 2 weeks, and since she is leaving on wednesday, I decided that I'd take them and a couple other friends out last night. I left the younger 3 with the hubby and took them out for dinner and then Navy Pier. They were really cute and totally teenager-like.

I was very responsible and did not charge my phone before we went. Luckily Jessica's friend has a phone, so I took pictures with her camera. Notice I was only worried about the pictures not the fact that we were out late and parents couldn't call me.... like I said, very responsible.

(*It was very low battery, but in my defense I did get some calls early on, and then it finally died right when we were leaving, but wouldn't take pictures the whole time :( so sad.)

Anyway, by the time they went on 3 rides, got dippin dots, and picked out what they wanted to buy it was 10:00. There was a line of about 15 people trying to pay their parking fee in that machine thing, but it wasn't working so I just left. I paid the security guard, who apparently rolled it up pretty small and put it in her pocket (I think I really paid the security guard... damn I should have negotiated a better price). Oh well. They had a really good time and I was happy to take them out for a special night.

On the way home, if I didn't know better, I would have thought that somebody spiked her friend's can of soda because this girl was craaaaazy! I have never seen her like this before....

Maybe one too many rides on the ferris wheel....


  1. Ha - love your concern over the phone. And paying the security guard - so NOT priceless.