Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Me Monday (well, not really)

It's time for Not Me Monday again, but since I suck at writing in the negative unlike someone I know who talks in the negative all the time especially around my husband..... I will save you all from the migraine that I have right now and write normally.

Guess who went up to Camp Moshava yesterday to visit her daughter ??????

Good guess. It was me.

It was so great to see Jessica! It always amazes me how beautiful she looks at camp, when I feel so nasty and dirty there. What is it about that sandy dust that just gets all over you?

Anyway, Jessica is having a great summer. We hung in her cabin and she showed us around a bit. She is so neat at camp (much neater than at home). Her clothes were folded perfectly and everything was so organized. I was so proud of her! Her bed looked so comfy and cozy. She had all her letters hung on her wall, and posters that she doodled on taped on the wall, and all her pillows and stuff on her bed. She even graffitied her bunk bed!

The cabin was pretty clean... for camp that is.
My nephew's cabin was the complete opposite. Ew... the boys cabins were crowded and nasty and stinky.... but they're loving it! My nephew was pretty dirty... but he thinks he's really tan.

My other nephew didn't look that dirty, and is also having a great time, and is also living in nastiness a crowded bunk. Thank god I only have Jessica there right now. The girl's bunks are like hotels compared to the boys.... Ew....... I know. enough.

Anyway, the camp for the most part is much nicer than when I went there. They made a new lake for boating and put a water trampoline and slide in it. They have a floor hockey court, a new basketball court, tennis courts, new baseball field and bleachers, 2 zip lines, new pool, new air conditioned gym. We had none of that.

I brought Jessica some cookies made by my friend Adina. They were so pretty! Here's a picture:

She really liked them a lot. Almost as much as I did!
We went boating... Jon took them row boating, I took them paddle boating. It was really fun!

When it was time to go, Jessica just walked away because she didn't want to watch us leave, so I gave her one last hug and ran back to the car. Emily and Jon were hurt that Jessica didn't give an official goodbye, but I'm proud of her for knowing what is best for her. For knowing that it would be too painful to watch us drive away. It's so hard to say goodbye.

On the drive home, Emily informed us that she was totally ready to go to sleepover camp, and can't wait to go next summer.... I'm about to start crying just thinking about my 2 kids away at camp, but I have a whole year to worry about that.


  1. wohoo! thanx for the shout out!!!!
    and this made me miss going to camp!!! when did we get so old!!!!

  2. Hopping over from MckMama's NMM post. It's my first visit to your blog. You have a beautiful family!

    ~ Jennifer

  3. Dammit, Rayli, stop w/ the tear jerking blogs!!
    So funny that the boys and their bunks are nasty compared to the girls. Makes total sense though!
    - Miss. S.

  4. Jessica really does look stunning! I love her hair that way and she looks tan and happy. How did they "make a lake for boating"?