Friday, July 10, 2009

For The Ladies.....

I am about to ask you a personal question ladies.

Here goes.....

What kind of birth control do you use? What kinds have you tried and loved/hated?

I just bought 3 months of birth control for $173. And the crazy part is I am totally thinking that there is no way this thing is gonna work.....

It looks like a glow in the dark bracelet only smaller. I totally love the idea of it and all, but I mean, there is a hole in it and I am not totally sure how it's gonna stop those little suckers from getting through.

Anyway, I have used it before, I like it, and it does seem to work, but I just can't shake this feeling that it might just slip up....

So, i decided to research it a little and this is what I found....

"MY NuvaRing Experience"

Um....yeah. Not feeling any better about it....

I guess that all birth control options can "slip up" from time to time.
People get pregnant by accident.
I'll just wear my little glow in the dark circle and hope for the best...

So, what are you girls using? You can sign in as anonymous if you'd like....


  1. so, i have a friend who was using the nuvaring (not to scare you or anything) and one day she didn't feel it, so she freaked out and went to her ob, and it turns fell out!!! and guess what? she was preggers!!! so just keep an eye out for it. i have an iud and i love it. never have to think about it. and if you ever decide that you DO want more kids, you just have it removed. (it's good for up to five years. sometimes insurance will even cover it!)
    there. i said my piece. i'm done now.

  2. the good old pill has never failed me yet!

  3. whoa! whoa! TMI! Need a stronger warning next time!

  4. id like to point out that that baby is pretty scary looking. i think you should proceed with caution

  5. Hated the patch, the pill has always been good to me, that is when I didn't forget to take it!!

    - Miss S.

  6. I used nuvaring. I liked it. And I have lots left over that I don't plan to use. They are all yours!

  7. I take it back. They expired last month. Sorry!

  8. Use the Reb Udi Method..............Hefty Steel Sack and a Rope!

  9. Jerusalem - Kabbalist Rabbi: Birth Control Damages Household Income

    Published on: Today at 10:26 AMNews Source: YnetText Size Email Post Print Post Comments (95) Save Article

    Rabbi David Batzri (Lior Mizrachi / BauBau)Jerusalem - Have at least 12 children, do not use birth control, and continue having children after 40. This is the formula for overcoming sterility and long-term bachelorhood in the Religious Zionism movement put forth by renowned Rabbi David Batzri.

    In a women's assembly in Jerusalem held Thursday in Jerusalem, the rabbi asserted that "a girl who wishes to marry must take upon herself already on the first date an obligation to have no less than 12 children." In addition, he encouraged women to put pressure on one another not to delay pregnancy after getting married and not to wait long in between births.

    The rabbi's remarks were reported by Kol Hai radio correspondent Dvora Ginzburg.

    Rabbi Batzri, a respected kabbalist and head of Nahar Shalom Yeshiva, participated in a prayer assembly held in the Old City's Jewish Quarter and at the Western Wall together with about one thousand single women searching for "respectable mating." Under the title "Women in Wait," they heard tips for getting themselves out of their distressful situation.


    The rabbi claimed that using birth control damages household income. He said, "When you use control methods, you stop abundance. When you see a woman whose youngest child is three, this means that she has been using control methods for three years. Convince her not to do this."

    'Don't believe the doctors'

    The rabbi also spoke on the issue of abortions. "Doctors are liars," he said. "Don't believe them. They tell you that the fetus is not healthy. This is only to protect themselves from lawsuits. It is forbidden to listen to doctors. Women who have consulted with me and didn't abort their child have the most healthy and righteous children."

    Rabbi Batzri added, "Even at the age of 40 and up, it is possible to give birth, and it isn't dangerous."

    During the gathering, prayers were held for the participating women. Later, they also heard a lecture from Rebbetzin Yemima Mizrahi, whose lessons and talks have become increasingly popular in recent years.

    "When a girl goes on a date, she doesn't come alone, but says to the Holy One, blessed be He, 'Come along! We're going on a date,'" said Mizrahi. She later grumbled that "the only exercise single girls do is moving the mouse on Dosi-Date (a popular religious dating website)."

    Mizrahi also claimed that women having a hard time finding a match have issues respecting their parents or tend to respect their fathers more than their mothers.

    Mizrahi said she was recently asked during a radio interview what her opinion is on desperate single girls who "do forbidden things." She said the question sorrowed her, and responded, "This is a fringe phenomenon. Most girls are growing stronger, especially after the Gush Katif evacuation."

  10. WTF??? I'm assuming the above is from YP. How do you always find these crazy articles??? Oh and I have my boy and my girl... I perooed and revooed... I'm done. :) unless God chooses to bestow upon me another blessing (aka accident).

  11. 1. assumption is correct:)
    2. love the blog
    3. no comments on reb udi??

  12. Reb Udi and sex.... 2 thoughts I don't allow to enter my brain at the same time.

  13. why did anonymous post that article? It's gross.

  14. B/C anonymous has a sense of humor!

  15. The Mirena is great, once the "implantation" stage is over.

  16. "Have at least 12 children, do not use birth control, and continue having children after 40. This is the formula for overcoming sterility and long-term bachelorhood in the Religious Zionism movement put forth by renowned Rabbi David Batzri."

    It' also a formula for living below the poverty level.

  17. ditto on the mirena recc, after all the initial spotting (2-3 monthsish) even with all that, i still love not having to remember to take a pill each night/

  18. MIRENA. YES.
    I have had it for 2 years now? and can't remember the last time I had a period. AWESOME.

  19. I used the tie your tubes method....Love it :-)

  20. Hopped over from the mckmama link. You are wickedly funny! thought I would let you know that my nuva ring baby is almost 2. Have had mirena since 3 months after her delivery . . . can I say fabulous?!?!? No periods! No messy rings or diaphragms or condoms. Hooray!
    :)Annie astonesthrowfrominsanity.blogspot .com

  21. I used the nuva ring a few months ago and i really loved it!! however i do have to share that it did once come out right around my hubby during sex which was actually hysterical and a great laugh. Then there was this other time where i realized it was missing (must have fallen out during sex AGAIN) and i had to go buy another one and then later found it neatly put on top of a dresser. the cleaning lady had apparently found it while cleaning up, ew.... now i have the iud, however i made the mistake of not getting the mirena and got the copper one which makes yo uhave heavier periods and you get it every month. however i do like the convenience of not having a pill or having to think about birth control. when this one expires its on to the mirena for me!!

  22. I hope you know your kid's photo pops when people do a google search for Nuva Ring... might want to re think taking this down.