Friday, October 8, 2010

I Think I Found Myself A Job!

Have you ever heard of Ok, I hadn't either till my sister sent me a link to their site for a coupon for a store I shop at all the time (such a deal... which is not always such a deal, hence the excitement of the coupon)! Anyway, it cost $25 for a $50 coupon for the store. Now we all know that I can't really get much there for $50, but if I am gonna shop there anyway I might as well be getting $25 off my purchase.

The problem happened when I clicked on purchase, and suddenly a message popped up that said the email with the coupon would be sent to me at .... I FORGOT THE I in hotmail. That was soooo annoying. I tried calling and emailing but couldn't get through to them. Finally, a month later, it occurred to me that I could just call the store and talk to the owner. So I did. And she gave me the cell phone of her wedeal contact who gave me the cell phone of the guy I needed to talk to.

He was really nice over the phone and said he would resend it... Anyway, the next day I went on their website and saw that they were trying to make a page of deals for my area. I decided to go for it. I called the guy back and asked if they were interested in hiring me to find their "deals." I met with the 3 guys in charge about an hour later, and voila I was the proud owner of a part time job! Yay me!

Anyway, I am really excited about it, and I hope all of you (especially chicagoans) will sign up on the website so I can get you all great deals, plus the ones that are already on there! I hear there are some good ones coming up!

Have a good weekend, and let me know when and if you buy something!

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