Monday, May 24, 2010

What's New? Thanks For Asking....

Well, the invitation company finally got my invitation printed correctly. It only took those geniuses like 3 times to get it right. And 3 times to get the address labels written the right direction. Stress... lots of sleepless nights over those things.

Anyway, I was very excited to send them out this morning! Too bad I was supposed to send them out 2 weeks ago. And also too bad that the company sent me 22 envelopes less than they were supposed to. I wish I knew the name of the company so that I could tell all of you not to use them, but only my invitation lady knows it... I should probably find that out. If it weren't for my amazing invitation lady who told me to pay $10 for a proof, I would have gotten messed up invitations and labels.

Now that the whole invitation ordeal is over, I can spend more time thinking about how much my leg is killing me. Seriously. I feel so dumb because I did it to myself. And now I feel like an old lady, having to do everything carefully as to not upset my stupid pulled hamstring!!!!!

Getting out of my car hurts, sitting on the floor hurts, truthfully I think it's the getting up that hurts more than the sitting. I sat on the edge of the basketball court to watch Jessica and her friend roast marshmallows last night and I hurt it even more. Dying today... ouch.

I wanna go back to bed.

I tried running last week. I lasted a half hour. But I was in pain doing it, and had to lean on the right to put less pressure on my left leg. This totally sucks.

Tonight Emily is getting an award for her essay she wrote for the Asher Essay Contest. She had to write an essay about what it means to be a mentche. Only one person was chosen from each grade. She wrote it all by herself, as you will see.... This is what she wrote:

Being a Mentche

I specifically think that it is important to behave politely, caringly, and respectfully. If your friend behaves like that you are lucky because you have a role model to look up to. This unique word is called a Mentche. A Mentche is most likely to have good behavior, incredible manners, and a true heart.

The importance of being a Mentche is to be polite, caring, and respectful. It is important to be a Mentche when you are little so it will click to you forever. If you see someone not being a Mentche do not just stand there and watch what is happening. Teach that person to be a Mentche. Teaching people to be a Mentche is actually being a Mentche.

A Mentche is a very polite person who uses their manners. A Mentche does not interrupt. A Mentche does not only care for his/herself. A Mentche cares for everyone. A Mentche cheers people up when they are sad. A Mentche is not spoiled. A Mentche solves problems. Last, but not least, a Mentche does not brag.

A Mentche gives respect for everyone. A mentche talks when it is his/her turn. A Mentche rises when an adult walks in. A Mentche says please and thank you.

Clearly I can see that it is amazing to be a Mentche. It is good to be a Mentche because you earn respect, politeness, and caring from others. All in all, I think it is extremely important to be a Mentche.

Isn't she cute???


  1. i believe that is the cutest essay ive ever seen. and now that i actually know her, i know that she really is that sweet!

  2. it's true. she was describing the way she acts...

    well most of the time, I mean she is a kid!

    thanks Shosh!