Monday, April 12, 2010

Sadly, I'm Back.

I had such a good time on vacation. I really didn't wanna come home. I am totally serious. I was ready to leave everything behind and stay in Vegas.

The hotel wasn't the fanciest hotel I was ever at. And the rooms weren't super fancy either. But the hotel was really pretty and comfortable and had the nicest people working there. It was really big, with lots of places to walk around and hang out. The lobby had all different shaped couches and chairs and tables to play cards at, which my kids and their friends did every single day.

There was an adult pool and hot tub, kid pool with a water slide and volleyball net, a putting green, basketball court, a small beach with paddle boats and kayaks. At night outside by all the couches, chairs, and 4 poster beds there were fire pits which were lit every night. There were lots of places to walk around on the roads, and golf course paths.

But probably my favorite part was every morning when I opened the drapes and the sliding door to the balcony and saw the sun, the mountains, the lake. It just made me feel good. It was just so beautiful.

Walking uphill surrounded by mountains and beautiful homes was pretty amazing too. We were in Vegas but also in the middle of no where. We were about a 30 minute drive from the Vegas strip.

We went with the kids and my parents, my sister, and cousin to walk around and see all the hotels one day. We saw way too many cheesy wedding chapels. Do people really get married there? We went to Treasure Island, The Mirage, Caesar's, The Venetian, The Palazzo, and my favorite The Belazio....
The most beautiful lobby/garden I've ever seen... all made of real flowers

We went to a fashion show in the mall there.... my girls were in heaven. They thought it was the coolest thing ever! We are major Project Runway fans.

But, it definitely was not a place for kids. Way too many boobies everywhere. My girls decided that Vegas is a disgusting place, and truthfully I thought it was pretty raunchy too. Especially the guys passing out the cards on the street wearing t-shirts that say "enter to win a free girl" .... definitely not a contest I want my kids to know about. There are all these places to take your kids to that are kid friendly like the shark reef at Mandalay Bay

and the Titanic exhibit at the Luxor, which we loved. It's just a shame that you have to see a million sets of boobs and posters of girls in thongs that say stripper on your way there.

I wanted to teach my kids that gambling is kind of a waste of time and money, especially slot machines. I told my kids that people put so much money into them and never win. So I put a dollar in one. Of course I won, but only 2 dollars, and my kids are like "Mommy you won! You said no one wins!" Will really wanted to play those "games." He thought the slot machines were like chucky cheese games. Pretty true, actually. We give the kids money to put in those stupid games.

Anyway, Jon made a few bets for some friends and for us. So we left a few hundred dollars richer. Well, not really. I spent it before he even picked up the winnings. There was a beverly hills photographer at the hotel that did a photo shoot of my kids. I ordered the pictures.... can't wait to get them!

Here are some pics from our trip:

Limo ride to the hotel...

Fountain in front of Caesar's... (Annie, if only you were there a few days earlier... I could've run across the street to Harrah's and say hi.)

Bum on a bridge. I thought his sign was really creative... That is till I saw about 3 other guys with the same one.

There is a man in that Welcome to Vegas sign... nice place to leave the tips pouch.

Life jackets AND life guards..... heaven!

paddle boats

The back of the hotel...

love it here...

Oh, and of course I went to that pawn shop from the tv show, Pawn Stars. The line to get in was a block long in the morning. I went when there was no line, but the guys weren't there anymore... That's probably why there wasn't a line. Still cool.

It's hard to get back to reality. The cooking, grocery shopping, laundry, carpool.... the list goes on.

But you can't be on vacation forever....

Not even if you tell your husband that you want to stay longer and ask him if you can change your flight to stay an extra few days..... just saying.


  1. wow...looks amazing!!!! next time bring me!! i could pass for one of your kids....

  2. I'm with you! The views, the sights, and the relaxation . . . AMAZING. The raunchy Vegas . . . not so much! Still I had a fun time exploring a new and different place with hubs. Glad you all enjoyed your vacay!