Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Free Money?

I hate when gift cards have an expiration date. There is so much stress to use it before it expires, and you usually end up spending more than you had on that little card.

In december I went to Abercrombie to return some t-shirts Jessica decided she didn't want. I walked in the store and returned the shirts and, of course, happened to see the jeans she liked were on sale and some cute tee's. Then I grabbed a sweatshirt for Jessica and one for Emily and went to pay. That totaled $108. They gave out gift cards for $25 if you spent over $100, which duh everyone probably does there. I was so excited about it.

Today I looked at the gift card and noticed that it expires on January 31. That's this sunday. When I am going to be in Miami. So now I only have 2 days to get over there (20 min. away) and spend that $25. Kind of annoying isn't it? But more annoying would be wasting it. And since I have a laser appointment on wednesday, I guess that means I have to go there today. That means forget about going to Costco which I really needed to do...

Oh well. What's more important anyway, free Abercrombie clothes or fruits and vegetables?