Thursday, December 31, 2009

What's Your Drink?

Today will be an interactive blog in honor of new year's eve.....

I would like everyone to tell me their favorite alcoholic beverage in the comments...

My favorite is pomegranate martinis.

I had a really hard day yesterday and wanted to go out for drinks last night... but didn't. Instead I drove home from my sister in law's house way past bedtime with a screaming Alyssa thrashing in her car seat (partially unbuckled by her... only lapbuckle on, she always takes the other one off.. ) and a sleeping Will (not sure how he slept through that). Alyssa no longer wants to sit in her car seat... it's really fun being in the car with her screaming about it..... can you hear the sarcasm in my voice?

Then getting them both out of the car, screaming their heads off because they wanted to go to bed.... It was an awful night after an annoying day. Anyway, I'm hoping to somehow get my hands on a few pomegranate martinis tonight, although I really like the ones at 10 Pin and that is so not happening. Maybe I'll google the drink and find out how to make it myself.... Hmmm...

Anyway, I want to hear from all of you. What's your drink of choice?

*just found this online.... if anyone wants to have a pomegranate martini of their own tonight.


  1. i hate alcohol. maybe that's because no one has ever given me a good enough drink, or maybe its just because alcohol tastes like something you should use to take nail polish off your nails, not drink.
    Maybe this is also why I will be hanging out with teenagers this new years eve. No drinking allowed where Im going. in any case, enjoy your martini!

  2. I have too many favorite cocktails. I like sidecars, mojitos, dark and stormies, greyhounds, whiskey smashes, and others I can't think of at the moment.

    Sorry last night and yesterday were so rough. Those who stayed at our place definitely got the better deal. Next time we'll do it earlier (and at your house), though it was fun to have eveyone at our house.

  3. I don't drink that is out...
    I don't drink that is out...
    I don't drink champagne...that one is out too...

    Ever since high school it has been shots of flavored rum or vodka that keeps me going...10 in a row and I'm good for the night!! YAY alcoholism!


  4. midori (not sure I spelled it right) sours. yum-o.

  5. Jack and Coke (regular coke that is) or a Miller lite but why am I telling you - you know this