Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Little Pea

Jon decided to take Jessica and Emily and 2 friends to the movies last night. At first I was jealous... I wanted to take them. But then I saw the light.... the possible 7:30 bedtime. All the alone time....... time to do whatever I wanted. In a quiet house. All by myself.

At 7:05, I said goodbye to Jon and the girls and hello to bath time. I let Alyssa put as many bath toys as she wanted into the tub (all of them). Foam letters, about 20 ducks, backyardigans and their ship, froggies, sea animals, pouring cups, straining cups..... you get the picture. I let her play a little. I washed her body, her hair, and let her play a few more minutes.

Will asked if I could read him Little Pea (great book if you never read it) while she finished playing in the bath. I said, "Sure. I'll read you Little Pea." And we sat down at the door of the bathroom and read the book.

About 3 feet away from us, playing happily in the tub was a little girl that I wish had only made a "little pee" in the tub. But no. It was not a little pee, it was a big giant poop in the tub. I mean, she must have waited all day for this perfect opportunity, with every freaking bath toy we own floating in the tub, when her Mommy was trying to get her into bed nice and early.....


Seriously. I wanted to just throw everything in the garbage. All the toys and oh the towel that she threw some you know what on, and even the bathtub. Because I mean, I don't even touch the garbage can!!!!! So yeah, I was kinda freaking out a little.

I took Alyssa out of the tub and wrapped her in a towel. Put all her bath toys in the sink and sprayed a bottle of cleanser on them. Cleaned the bathtub. Washed it with antibacterial everything, rewashed the tub, gave Alyssa a new bath with tons of soapy bubbles, gave a reluctant Will a quick bath (gotta love the kid for not wanting to get in the tub. I wouldn't have wanted to either), and finally got them to bed at 9. Yes 9!


P.S. I told Will that I am never reading Little Pea while Alyssa is in the bath ever again.


  1. Oh jeez!!! Just when you think there is a light at the end of the tunnel...oh well! At least you had an eventful evening!


  2. omg. that has happened here at least twice and its the most disgusting thing in the entire world. last time i think i used an entire bottle of lysol.

  3. Yuuuuuummmmeeeeeeeeee! That is always fun times.

  4. She's a genious......ever hear of the saying, "Don't sh*t where you sleep"

  5. Oh girl! Been there! If I could have dumped El in a vat of Chlorox bleach, I would have. All I could think of were the poop germs that were inevitably all over her body! Yuck!! Incidentally, I read that you could put bath toys in the dishwasher. The soap has bleach in it and the water is practically scalding, so, no more germs!!

  6. wow. i know they say that pple have the freedom to blog abt anything they want...but poop just grosses me out. not as bad as puke tho. that's the worst. please never blog abt puke b/c you know as gross as it is, i'm gonna have to finish reading the whole thing.