Friday, September 4, 2009

Wasting Time & A Good Laugh

I invited guests for Shabbat lunch, and it's been so long, I think I forgot how to cook. You know those weeks when you just have this terrible feeling that all your food is gonna suck? And your guests are gonna have to sit there and pretend they like it? I live in fear of that.

I'm totally out of sugar, and I'm supposed to be making an apple pie and chocolate chip cookies. And even though it is midnight, and I can't cook, I really don't want to wash my dishes yet. So, here I am blogging, shopping on ebay, ordering some tees for Jessica on, and talking to a friend on facebook (and I obviously need sleep because I wrote "you go tit" instead of "you got it" and thought that was ridiculously funny).

Why don't I just go to sleep, you're probably wondering? I am not quite sure.

On a different note, I think I'm really gonna miss Alyssa in the mornings when she's at school. I'm kinda nervous about sending her. She is so sweet and funny and adorable and I am really gonna miss my mornings with her. I really won't have that much alone time with her any more.... :( sob.

I hope that I am making the right decision by sending her. I think she'll like it... but you know, kinda sad... my last baby.

Maybe if I get to work out every morning and get super skinny it will all be worth it. But I sure will miss that cutie pie!

Speaking of Alyssa, we were all watching Big Brother in the family room when I heard Alyssa doing something in the kitchen. I went in and found her making herself a plate of spaghetti from the bowl I left on the table from dinner.

I told her to share some with Will, which she generously did.

She placed that big handful of spaghetti right in his lap!

Hahahahaha... She makes me laugh!

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  1. haha. i love alyssa. and im still not over being called a tit.