Thursday, September 24, 2009


My little baby who's not so little anymore goes to school! Not only does she go to school, but she loves to go to school. And, this morning she brought a big smile to my face when she grabbed her backpack ran out the door and yelled "Bye!" :)

My little girl.... all grown up!

Of course I wasn't really ready to go so I had to do the whole, "Wait Alyssa. One second. We're not ready to go yet."

But to see her so happy to go, and so happy when I pick her up, and so happy the whole rest of the day brings a smile to my face. It also makes me sad knowing that she is probably my last child unless the ring fails me and she is growing up so fast.

I tell her everyday to stay little, to not turn 2, to just be my baby as long as she can. But she never listens. And everyday she does knew things and grows bigger and smarter. And as she runs to the car and climbs into her car seat and buckles herself (!!!!) I make a little sad face and take a picture in my mind because she's #4 and I never made her a baby book so I can remember this day forever.


  1. Makes me sad too, but I still dont want another baby...she is super cute