Thursday, August 20, 2009

Victoria's Secret

I like to shop at Victoria's Secret. I especially like to shop there because if you put yourself on their mailing list they send you a card for a free pair of panties almost every month. Even better, if you decide to send your husband and kids to get your free pair (cuz you have a migraine), they will put him on their mailing list and then you get 2 free panties every month! That is Victoria's true secret! (Beat that Shosh).

Now if you decide to take all your kids to Victoria's Secret and you go to the crappy mall just because it's near your house, just know that the selection will not be as good. And while you are searching for the pair you want, your 21 month old might take a triple D bra out of the drawer and wear it as a hat... or a mask. And if you are anything like me, you will not get embarrassed. You will actually take out your camera phone and encourage her to do it again!

*It was so much funnier in person.... I wish you all could have seen it!


  1. I also love the free panties, though the selection allowed is crummy everywhere...
    You think *that* is funny? Wait till she starts wearing YOUR stuff around the house and modeling it for herself in front of the mirror! It will happen sooner than you think!!!!

  2. They have actually been pretty lenient with the choices. The other day they told me anything without lace.

  3. Haha. Rayli, i must admit, i am impressed by your sneaky couponing. and alyssa is hysterical. T does this when im folding laundry. she puts on everyones underwear. hangs them around her neck, puts them over her shoulder like a purse....

  4. They once gave away a free bra. I love free Victoria's Secret - so much better then the free tub of wipes I just got from Jewel.

    But does she put balls in her shirt like my Ro does???

  5. No No, the pics def do that moment justice. I especially like the second one, where she is pressing the bra against her cheek. Maybe, she is secretly wishing tht one day she will be able to fill THAT bra out.
    - Miss S.

  6. For some reason, the picture isn't showing up... great story though.