Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Just Another Sunday...

I had a fun day with the kids yesterday. Alyssa woke up at 7:30... Well, I mean she slept in my bed all night and tossed and turned, but I'm counting that as sleeping. Will and Jon went to hockey and by the time they came back, 10:30, we had already watered the lawn, played with water balloons, played with play dough, and painted! It actually was the first time I ever let Alyssa paint, and will most probably be the last time also.

It started off all nice and neat...

I am not quite sure what I was thinking, maybe I wasn't, but I decided to show Alyssa how to make hand prints. And, that was when the mess started...

Anyway, then we went to the pool for a few hours. I got some great pics of my nephew and Emily on the diving board.....

And a cute one of Jon and all the kids...

I tried to visit a former neighbor of ours who was in hospice care.... I bought a plant to brighten up the room a little and some chocolates for the family, but when I got there they weren't there anymore. I started crying and the guy at the information desk told me they were there yesterday and that maybe they took her home.... I emailed my former neighbor. I'm waiting to hear back from him. My former neighbor is probably in his early 90s and emails---- how cool is that???

Then we chilled at home till Jon left for hockey 7:45 pm. When suddenly we had this great idea that we should go to the park and play tennis. So I took all 4 kids to play tennis. We stayed there for half an hour or so..... we decided to leave when two bats started flying around near us.

By 9:20 all the kids were in bed and asleep and I went downstairs to clean up and get a little tv time in. I found this reality tv show on vh1 called Megan Wants A Millionaire. Exactly what I needed after a long day... So ridiculous, I love it!


  1. wow those diving board pictures are really cool.
    and i can imagine you shrieking when alyssa painted her arms.
    and bats?? are you serious? the skunks living under my deck are bad enough...don't tell me we have bats around here too???

  2. But look on the joy on that little girls face. (I loathe paint, by the way). You had a better day than me - I spent the entire day cleaning my house.

  3. I'm sending my kids to your house to are a far better mom than I am!!!!

  4. Those tennis pics make me sad cuz I never get to play anymore, I was on the dang Stern tennis team.
    The painting pics make me feel numerous things: happy, for the cute pics they are drawing (well Emily), envious that I dont have the guts to let my kids do that, and most of all, RAYLI ARE YOU NUTZ!! I mean how BRAVE you are, Rayli.
    The diving pics are just awesome, your such the photgrapher.
    K, Im done writing, I wore myself out.
    - Miss S.