Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm Back.....

So, I didn't really know that I wasn't going to see a computer while I was on vacation in Denver. I mean, who doesn't have a computer these days???? Oh, apparently my grandparents and uncle.

Thank god for my phone and its internet access!!!!

Anyway, my husband, kids, and I left early monday morning to visit my grandparents in Denver.

We hadn't seen them in over a year, and my grandfather was very sick on and off throughout the year. Actually, Jessica hadn't seen them in over 2 years, and at the ages of 91 and 82 we gotta see them as much as possible!

We took American Airlines, and about halfway through the flight, my wonderful, innocent, little Emily almost made me die of laughter. She asked, "Mommy, why did everyone on the plane bring a red blanket?" Jon and I nearly lost it....

We had a really good time. We went to an awesome zoo on tuesday....

And drove up to Vail on wednesday.... Jon LOVES Vail!!!

We had a really good time, despite the pouring rain, cold temperature, hail storm, being stuck on top of the mountain with nothing to do cuz everything closed because of lightning.... After a little while the sun came out, and everything reopened. My kids jumped on the bungee trampoline (well Will did for 5 seconds and then started crying).

And Emily did some wall climbing....

Got some ice cream...

And some Starbuck's....

Starbuck's should so totally use Alyssa to advertise for them. I think people like their coffee, but truthfully the cups are pretty damn awesome... especially the iced drinks. There is something about drinking from a Starbuck's cup that makes everything taste better. Alyssa gets her "iced coffee" ice water every morning. It was a special treat for her to get it in their hot cup.

We found an awesome pirate ship playground and had a lot of fun there...

The only thing missing from our trip to Vail, was going to visit Ryan (from the Bachelorette) at the Vail firehouse. My kids said I was being a total loser, but he was there (we saw some firemen and they told us it was his shift) and I just wanted to say "Hi."


My kids found an old ( I think original) nintendo system at my uncle's house and played it every morning and all night. They think it is awesome and totally want it. I gotta steal my mom's old one. It was also fun for me because I totally rock at Mario and impressed my kids with all the hidden things they didn't know about...

We stayed at my uncle's house, which is across the street from a park and a lake. I found some razor scooters in the closet. Jessica and Emily rode them and I jogged with them around the lake on tuesday and thursday morning. Three miles around! I was so proud of them! 6 miles in just 2 days! It took us 40 minutes one day, 45 the other! They felt so good, and so did I!

My grandfather is as cute as ever! One night he was staring at his wallet for like 5 minutes. I walked behind him to see what he was looking at. It was his driver's license. I said, "Zaidy, what are you looking at?" And he said, "Can you tell me what the expiration date is on my license?" And I said, "December 2011." And he said, "Oh good. I have 2 more years."

My grandmother makes big breakfasts and fancy dinners every morning and evening. I told Jon and the kids not to get used to it. Jessica told me she would do better at school and be happier if I made her breakfasts like these. I told her to keep dreaming and that she already does well in school. :)

It's funny hanging out with my Uncle Mark (my dad's brother). He is 12 years younger than my dad. He was always our favorite Uncle growing up. He reminds me so much of my dad sometimes. It made me laugh to see how similar they are even though they hardly ever see each other.

He taught my kids a few things.... like finding "a tickle", giving them "a fluff" before bed (fluffing their blanket 10 times while they lay in bed), and when they said good night, he just silently pointed to his cheek until they came over and kissed him goodnight. All these things were pretty amusing to them.

All in all, it was a nice short trip. I got to spend some quality time with my grandparents and uncle, and my kids got to see my grandmother's house which I have such fond memories of. Thursday morning, before we left, Emily and my Bobby (grandmother) and I made an apple pie. And while we were making the dough I had memories of myself as a young girl cooking and baking with my mother and Bobby years ago. I am so glad that I went to visit them. I always had great memories from visiting them when I was a little girl, and now they will have them too.

At the Denver airport, Alyssa found a couple eating lunch. She walked over to the glass, to get a closer look at them. They looked at her and smiled. Alyssa waved and said hi. They said hi too. Then suddenly Alyssa lifted her dress all the way up. I looked over at them laughing, and apologized for Alyssa "flashing" them! I have no idea why she did that! It was pretty funny though....

And then went on her merry way......


  1. Hahah. Alyssa cracks me up.
    And that sounds like SUCH a nice vacation. So nice for your kids to get to know your grandparents in the same way that you did. My kids only have one great grandparent so I can honestly say that your kids are so lucky and its awesome you took advantage of the opportunity.

  2. nice trip, funny comment bout the license.

    Why didny u go find Trista?

  3. what a special trip for you and your kids. What lovely memories you made for them!
    and your kids are just beautiful.

  4. Looks like such a great trip. I'm glad you guys had so much fun.