Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Blast From The Past

I just caught the end of Can't By Me Love... I loved that movie! I more than loved that movie! I'm sure you've all seen it. Cindy Mancini needs 1000 bucks to replace her mom's stained outfit... takes the money from Ronald Miller, school geek, and agrees to "date" him for a month.

OK, there aren't even words to describe my love for this movie. Cindy was the coolest girl*.... Her Volkswagon Cabriolet.... I so wanted one. I can't even tell you how many times my sister and I imitated the African Anteater Ritual he did at the school dance. Or pretended we were a drunk Cindy telling everyone the truth after Bobby dumps her on new years eve... How I loved the white outfit she borrowed from her mom... just loved it all.

*it's actually really funny watching it now... her hair is crimped and frizzy, the clothes are ridiculous.... you gotta love the 80s.

And to think that this guy:

could turn into this guy:

Oh, and while googling pictures from the movie I came across this:

I guess this is her also... who knew? I loved this movie too. Can't think of what it was called..... anyone know? She was the tomboy that liked the guy that she was helping to get another girl... oh and then there was that hot guy at the party..... does anyone know what I'm talking about???

I think I have to go back and revisit all these goodies....


Dirty Dancing
Pretty Woman
Top Gun
Ferris Beuller
Back to the Future
Karate Kid
Grease 2

the list goes on and on....

What are your favorite 80s movies? Click here if you need some reminders.


  1. I have never seen that movie but whoa has mcdreamy aged well.

  2. SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL. that's where she's from..Watts.
    one of the best teen angst 80s movies EVER.

    my god, BEST.

    also? i totally wanted a cabriolet too!

  3. Crap, I wrote this whole thing and I lost it....
    I loooved Some Kind Of Wonderful.....the scene where she was teaching him how to kiss was HOT!!
    Sixteen Candles, Cocktail....thats when we still luved Tom) I loooved the 80's too, cept for my dorky boy haircut...ohh well!
    - Miss S.

  4. eric stoltz was the guy in some kind of wonderful, she is mary stuart masterson. 80's movies were the bomb. And it is so not fair that a guy can look better with age while women start sagging and wrinkling like a balloon losing air.

  5. rayli! i was totally watching the end of that last night too!!! (my lack of being able to breathe through my nose made it difficult for me to fall asleep) anyway, it's a classic and i get such a kick out of seeing how everyone dressed back then (yes, of course we did too, but let's not talk about it. remember when neon was so popular? everything i had was hot pink!!) we were such dorks.....

  6. did u add that "click here" part at the bottom? its a cool site... except it was cooler when i thought you could watch any 80's movie u wanted.
    i wanna watch 80's movies...

  7. wait, are you saying that Cindy Mancini from Can't Buy Me Love and Watts from Some Kind of Wonderful are the same person, cuz they aren't... confused.