Friday, May 8, 2009

Meet The Family

I think it's only fair for my first post to introduce my family so you can all know a little bit about us.

Jon and I have been married for 12 years. We are total opposites but do have our moments. He is a hedge fund manager, hockey player, sports fan, great dad, and usually a great husband (assuming he takes out the garbage). I, on the other hand, like to do anything typically girly... art projects with my kids, baking, pedicures, getting my hair blown...girl stuff. I like to watch basketball, baseball, and soccer only when my kids are the ones playing....then I'm the biggest fan ever!!! Ask the husband, he'll tell ya. What we do have in common is our love for the internet. On a typical night we sit side by side each on our own computer.....our own internet worlds...mine filled with facebook, twitter, and bloggers. His.. news, stocks, important emails...with a sidebar of facebook and twitter (2 fads he claims to have started.... He actually has a long list of fads he supposedly started but I'll go back to that another time.)

Moving on.... my almost 11 year
old daughter.
the teenager. the shopper.
the social girl.
the girl who is dying for a cell phone.

Emily...the 8 year old. the sporty girl. the most helpful and thoughtful child. the girl who would give you the shirt off her back, as long as it wasn't Juicy. the girl who believes that Jessica is actually gonna share the cell phone with her.

Will...5...sweet and lovable...
but beware cuz he can rhyme
words and copy what you say.
all. day. long.

Alyssa...18 months. adorable. sweet. funny. the reason I need a new computer and camera. yeah, don't let her disguise fool ya.


  1. we do the same thing...side by side laptops!

  2. Crap. I wanted to be the first commenter ever. Regardless, this blog is great. I especially like the title. Very catchy.

  3. you know i struggled and struggled to think up a good name....and one day it just came to me. just like that. (thanks J-Rose)

  4. hey way-wee! welcome the the blog world!

  5. you can't compete with a blogger, J-Rose. moo-haa-haa.

  6. Well Welcome to the bloggity blog world!!!!

  7. Rayli, everything about you is awesome. Glad we are friends ;)

  8. Look at you all blogging and everything!! I'm almost inspired to start my own...almost!