Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Daughter Is A Bully!

My little Alyssa.... not quite sure what to do with her. I never had a kid like her before. She is totally adorable, sweet , and always gives hugs and kisses.......

That is unless she's slapping you in the fa
ce, hitting your arm, throwing something at you, and possibly biting your back...ouch. that one hurt. She might try to slap the glasses off your face, pull your pacifier out of your mouth and then throw it at you (sorry Tova), or just throw a set of keys at you.... She might push (or kick) you down the slide (sorry Koby), and will definitely pull your hair.....

She could also be coloring on the furniture, collecting random things from all over the house and putting them in her shopping cart, hiding her shoes, throwing folded laundry on the floor, and quite possibly breaking my computer....

If she is not doing that, then she is probably taking all of the books off the bookshelf, taking every dvd out of the armoire drawer, and stepping on all the cd roms till they break....


But she can be very sweet.... like
when she gives everyone kisses before she goes to bed... And she tries to be helpful.... throws out her used diapers, and wrappers, and napkins... She helps me wash the floor.... she even washed the flowers outside (that was cute)... she brings Will his shoes and his jacket when it's time to go. She is the best at sharing... even her favorite snack.

Alyssa can listen to music for hours, and
even has some favorite songs! Alyssa hates anything dirty or messy and when she sees something dirty she'll say "uch" (well kinda drawn out like this.."uccchhhh"). She has suddenly started clicking her tongue and saying a few words... bubbles, fish, shoes....
I guess you gotta take the bad with the good..... and that smile of hers makes it all worth it!






  1. OMG, from everything you describe bout ALyssa, That girl is totally you....especially not liking dirty or messy things. But she doesn't look like u so much. She's Jon all the way.
    Have a good yuntiv, btw!!
    - Miss. S

  2. I like her. She stays!

  3. um, careful, or someone will call DCFS.

  4. my new fave kids song is "Fly to your heart" from the Disney Tinkerbell movie. my friend's niece was singing it all yontif and now i cant get it out of my head. play it for alyssa (and the rest of your kids) i think they'll like it.
    ALSO.... alyssa is very cute.